Development (CAD/CAM)

3D CAD design is one of our core competences.We offer this not only as a service.
Our manufacturing equipment is internally constructed using 3D-CAD. These data are also used for FEM and casting process simulations.

The CNC machine programming is largely done by the CAM interface between the processing machine and the 3D CAD. This results in a further quality improvement.



Our company has been using CAD systems for product development for nearly 30 years.

In the 3D-CAD system of SolidWorks, we have found the ideal tool to solve the most complex tasks.




CNC machines are programmed using the Mastercam CAM system, ensuring top quality and optimizing production time.

With Mastercam’s data exchange capabilities we are able to access the broadest range of native and industry standard CAD data formats allowing us to receive data files from any CAD system.

We are happy to apply your 3D models to the production of the ordered parts!




For calculations of the static bearing capacity of the construction, tools, pressure vessels, we use software packages based on finite element methods.

In the course of constructing, we regularly check the integrity of the construction using the above methods.

To optimize casting tools, we use a QuickCAST computer package that allows us to visualize pouring and smoothing pieces and predicting possible casting errors.