Our machine park covers about 30 classic and numerically controlled (CNC machines). In addition to turning and milling our core competencies are grinding, erosion as well as welding of modules or complete constructions.

The most subtle part of our manufactured parts weighs only a few grams, while the largest parts weighs up to several tons.

Our core competences:

    Industrial metal work machining process by cutting tool on CNC lathe

    In the turning area we specialize in individual production and small series (up to 10,000 pieces per year).

    Typical products are shafts, flanges, valve housings, rollers, etc.

    The maximum dimensions of the pieces we can process are 700mm and 3000mm in length.

    Programming is performed directly on the machine using a dialog interface or for complicated shapes using the modern CAM system.

    We have 4 CNC lathes (one of which is six axes with driven tools) and 2 classic lathes.



    By milling, we manufacture products such as casings, carriers, gravity cast aluminum molds, tire vulcanizing tools, plastic injection molds and other machine parts.

    The maximum strokes of our CNC millers are limited to 3500x1700x1000 (mm).

    Programming the milling machine is done exclusively with the CAM system.

    We have 10 CNC machining centers / milling machines and 2 classic / tool mills.


    Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology

    Welding is a process in which we can recall the tradition of 60 years.

    Our company is currently in the process of obtaining certificates according to EN3834-2 and AD-2000 HP0.

    Welding coordinators are certified according to EN14731 (IWE).

    The welders are certified according to EN ISO 9606-1.

    Welding operators are certified according to EN ISO 14731.

    We possess the welding apparatus by the following procedures: TIG, MIG / MAG, REL.

    We also have equipment for mechanically welding circular bends.


    Together with our partners we offer casting services.

    We offer complete development of castings, casting tools, serial production and complete machining of pieces.

    We specialize in gravity cast aluminum in molds.

    pouring aluminum parts by pouring ladle

    For the application of complicated 3D shapes in casting molds, we use CNC spark erosion technology.

    Maximum dimensions of the pieces are 1000x400x400 (mm).




    We use 3D print technology to produce prototypes of new products we develop, as well as for making casting tools.

    Dimensions of the printing chamber are 400x400x400 (mm).

    3D print works can be combined with the bonding technology, and it is possible to create much larger artefacts.




    We use 3D scanning to measure complex shapes in production, eg. deformation measurement on castings and welded constructions.